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Austin T3 Offers The Following Training Programs

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T3 Swim Classes
T3 Cycling Classes
T3 Running Classes
Ironman Program
Texas Tri Series

T3 Team Triathlon Training includes year-round Swim, Bike, Run and Strength workouts.  The program is designed to accommodate all levels of athletes while making sure that each individual receives what they need to be challenged and motivated both mentally and physically.  T3 workouts are designed to enhance your training by incorporating strength, endurance, power, agility and speed along with core exercises.

All athletes on the team will receive a Training Peaks account where the written training programs follow a structured “periodization” plan, taking athletes through the proper training cycles such as base, intensity and recovery.  The only program in Austin with over 15 years of operation and experienced coaching.   Team T3’s USAT Certified Coaches have perfected the formula for helping athletes maximize their training efforts and making sure that athletes are rested and healthy for race day!

In addition to aerobic training, the T3 Coaches will also teach athletes the latest in racing strategy. Triathlon-specific training components will include: pacing, transition practice, strength training, tempo runs, skill work and interval training. Furthermore, information on topics such as nutrition, bike mechanics and race-day planning will be incorporated into the triathlon training workouts.

The T3 program follows the triathlon season with local and destination races from the months of March-October.  Winter months are used for Endurance Cross Training to maintain fitness levels and increase strength over the winter months.  The winter months are also a great way to get started without the stress of racing right-a-way.

Athletes training with T3 can choose to train for all three sports or specialize their training to any one component of the triathlon program.  Regardless of program participation, each athlete is automatically eligible to race with the T3 Team.

(See T3 Team Race Schedule)!

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