T3 Seminars

Join fellow T3 triathletes for a seminar that discusses the basics of triathlon training and racing for both beginner and advanced athletes.  You will learn tips from USAT Certified Triathlon Coaches for how to enhance your training and improve your performance over the 2016 Tri Season.  Be sure to call for dates and detail regarding these events.

The seminars will cover the following key topics:

·         Equipment – Equipment necessities vs. performance, what to wear, what to bring

·         Tri Distances – Variation of distances, learn how to train specific to your race course

·         Transitions – Improve your transition time with a few key tips

·         Training & Racing – Training facilities, scheduling, coached practices, group training

·         Nutrition – Special emphasis on effective training and racing nutrition

·         Injury prevention – Tips for staying healthy during training while tackling longer distances

·         Creating a Tri Season – Learn to set race goals, increase pace, and improve your time

Seminars will be followed by a Question & Answer session with USAT Certified Triathlon Coaches from Austin T3 Training Team!

T3- Practiceman

Austin T3 – Team Triathlon Training will be hosting annual series of events called T3-Practiceman.  These events are a combination of clinics/seminars in combination with a “mock” triathlon.  The triathlon event is small venue set up to include water buoys, transition areas and specified courses with small aid stations.

The practice event can be repeated as many times as desired to work on all distance races.  The event will be followed by an open water swim clinic and equipment seminar.  To start the events, transition tips and tech talk will be prior to the start of the event so that athletes can practice and participate in transition work.

The events are open to anyone who is invited to attend.   You can email in and request and invitation as most athletes will be allowed to attend based on numbers and venue size.  The events are FREE but may include park fees and facility costs.

Be sure to email to get invited and to find out more info about the T3 – Practiceman Events.  All current Team T3 members are already invited.

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