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Triathlon Swimming 101

Just ask anyone who has done a triathlon in Austin and if they have heard about the T3 swim clinics!  This is the most talked about adult swim clinic since 2002!  T3 was the first adult swim clinic established in Austin to get adults started with proper foundation and fundamentals for endurance swimming or triathlon training.  T3 keeps up-to date with current technique development and is always paving the way for many triathletes to learn and improve on their swim, no matter the athletes’s background or training experience.  Don’t waste more time trying to figure this out on your own, the one month swim clinic will change your swimming for ever.

Sign-up early to reserve your spot and save: Please fill out the T3 Swim Clinic Application!

T3 Stroke Technique & Efficiency Clinic

The objective of the T3 Swim Clinic is to improve an athlete’s swimming speed and endurance by focusing on stroke technique and overall efficiency in the water.  Our goal is to maximize your time spent in the pool – training more effectively while producing great results!

Swimmers will learn new drills each week to help isolate specific technique issues while also maximizing muscle memory with correct repetition. The clinic will allow you to break down to the fundamentals and progressively build to more advanced drills from one week to the next. Included in the clinic are TWO (Under/Above water) videotaping sessions that will further help in understanding proper efficiency, strength and good technique.  

T3 Swim Clinics are separate from the T3 Training Programs and are conducted in a smaller groups (6-8 individuals), allowing the expert coaches to take a closer look at issues with form, flexibility and precise execution of the sport.  The T3 Swim Clinics are great for beginner swimmers looking to get learn more about stroke technique to help them with longer distance swimming.  Also for triathletes looking to improve on previous splits and improve technique for the next race.  These clinics are beginner friendly as the coaching staff has been working with newbies for over 15 years.  No experience required but must feel comfortable in the water swimming 25M and comfortable swimming with the face in the water.


 You will receive a confirmation email upon receipt of registration with final instructions for the clinic.  Contact the T3 Coaches with any questions at 512-899-2482.

Date: See Schedule Below for Start Dates.

Time:     Wednesdays 7:15-8:30pm/Sundays  9:15-10:30am

*Duration is a 4 Week Course (8 sessions)

Location: Lost Creek Country Club (Located 2612 Lost Creek Blvd, Austin, TX 78735)

(A) Regular Swim Clinic Cost: $225.00
(B) Swim Clinic Plus Cost: $300.00 (Add the full triathlon training schedule of Team T3’s Regular practices including cycling, running, swim and run/core classes for an additional $75.00 for the 4 weeks.  

“Start Tri-Training with Swim Clinic Plus for $300.00” and then pay NO initiation fees to join the team afterward!

Save $ 25.00 with early registration by registering 10 days prior to the clinic start date or you can save  $25.00 when you register with the Buddy Discount as well.

2017 Schedule:

                DATES                  REGISTRATION                    PREPARING FOR THESE RACES

  • Mar 21 – Apr 15             Finished                        Galveston 70.3 The Rookie, Cap Tex Tri
  • Apr 18 – May 16            Finished                        Cap Tex Tri, Pflugerville Tri, Buffalo Springs
  • Jun 13 – July 8              Finished                        Jacks Generic, Kerrville Tri Festival
  • Jul 11  –  Aug 5             Underway                       Kerrville Triathlon Festival
  • Aug 8 – Sep 2            Open Registration           Trifecta Triathlon, Waco 70.3
  • Sep 5 – Sept 30         Open Registration           2019 Season and Training Through Winter
  • Oct 3 – Oct 28           Open Registration           2019 Season and Training Through Winter
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