T3 Cycling Classes


Indoor Cycling Practices

T3 Weekly Cycling Practices are available three days per week on the weekly schedule.  The cycling workouts allow athletes a chance to take advantage of indoor cycling technology with the team on the weekends and during the week with our On-Demand Streaming workouts.

The On-Demand classes are very similar to a ‘spin’ cycle class in the gym but on your own bicycle at home.  These dynamic workouts are done on a regular FLUID trainer or a SMART trainer at home and without the hassle of drive time or traffic.

The workouts are for all levels and can be used for all distance training from the sprints to Ironman distance training during the week. The athletes are expected perform of 1-3 indoor cycling workouts when signed up for the triathlon training memberships.  T3 Coaches will be available at all scheduled practices to answer questions regarding training or technique questions.  T3 Indoor Cycling Classes will include instruction on correct pedal stroke, body position and other cycling tips to improve endurance and strength.

Location:  At home during the week and on the road during our team outdoor rides.

What to Equipment is necessary:

Your bike!
A Trainer (Fluid or Smart)
Fan (oscillating)
Cycling Shoes
Small Towel
Pad so you don’t sweat on your floor or carpet

Technical Equipment for *Livestream software:
Computer, Laptop, Tablet (Android or iOS), Roku

Indoor Cycle Trainer:

There is a wide variety of trainers and models.  Be sure to ask one of the T3 coaches before purchasing one.  The trainer must be a FLUID model and can be any brand (Cycle Ops, Elite, Kinetic).   Some athletes can upgrade to a power controlled trainer that are of higher cost but with more team options (Cycle Ops Power Beam, Wahoo Slate, etc)

Weekend Group Rides

In addition to the weekly indoor cycling practices, T3 Cycling also includes organized long group rides each weekend. These long rides will be organized by distance and pace depending on individual training goals and races. Weekend Group Rides meet at various locations, so be sure to contact the coaching staff to find out where they are meeting and riding from.

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