Ironman Program


Ironman Training Programs

Austin T3 is the first and only Ironman Tri-Club program in Austin!  We are proud our expert coaches having done multiple races in the half Ironman and Ironman distances to give expert advice on courses all over the world.   The T3 coaches have done all the North America races and dozens of races that include travel to South America, Europe, Australia and Asia


The T3 Ironman Distance Training consists of training plans and group training workouts to prepare for the long distance events.  Not only will you get information about how to train correctly but also get all the insight into what it take to have success at the Half and Full Ironman distance.  T3 has had great success with performances at these distances and has a good track record of making sure the training is fun while staying goal oriented with the longer distances.  Educating our athletes is our highest priority and with that in mind, we host special seminars on Nutrition, Strength and Flexibility that will also be a big part of the training process. 

Team T3 has big plans for 2019 and is already underway with some of its biggest groups yet.  There are 30+ athletes training and competing in the 2016 Ironman races this year.  Great training in numbers without being too big of a group where people get lost in the numbers.  T3 athletes are signing up for the Half Ironman races: GALVESTON, VINEMAN and CANCUN as well as the LONGHORN in Austin!

 T3 offers training and plans for Ironman 70.3 Events 2016:

· Ironstar 70.3 2016 (Training Starts Jan  2016)

· New Orleans 70.3 2016 (Training Starts Jan 2016)

· Kansas 70.3 2016 (Training Starts Feb 2016)

· Buffalo Springs 70.3 2016 (Training Starts March 2 2016)

· Vineman 70.3 2016 (Training Starts April 6 2016)

· Boulder 70.3 2016 (Training Starts Feb 16 2016)

· Cozumel/Cabo 70.3 2016 (Training Starts  July 2016)

· Longhorn  Half Ironman 2016 (Training Starts July 2016)

 Austin T3 offers training and plans for Ironman Events:

· Ironman Melbourne, Austrailia (Training Starts October 2016)

· Ironman TEXAS 2017 (Training Starts Dec 2016)

· Ironman CDA 2017 (Training Starts March  2017)

· Ironman Mont-Tremblant 2017 (Training Starts Jan 2017)

· Ironman Louisville 2017 (Training Starts June 2017)

· Ironman Wisconsin 2017 (Training Starts May 2017)

· Ironman Lake Tahoe 2017 (Training Starts May 2017)

· Ironman Florida 2017 (Training Starts June 2017)

· Ironman Arizona 2017 (Training Starts June 2017)

· Ironman Cozumel 2017 (Training Starts June, 2017)

Other Major Training Programs for 2016

· Halfmax National Championships (Omaha NA)

· IM 70.3 World Championships (Australia)

· Ironman World Championships (Kona, HI)

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