1. What is included in the T3 Training Programs?

The T3 Training Programs include the following Membership Benefits:

Technique and Skill-Based Training for All Levels
Unlimited Access to 20+ Group Workouts Each Week
USAT Certified Coaches at Every Scheduled Workout
Written Training Plans (Race-Specific or Maintenance)
Interactive T3 Team Website & Forums
Race Support (Team Tent and Bike Transport)
Strong Social Connections
Discounts at Local Shops!!

For more information about the T3 Team and Member Benefits, please visit About T3 Training.

2. What are the membership prices?

Complete Tri Training (Swim/Bike/Run) with Austin T3 is $150/month. T3 also has membership options for all combinations of training (ex. Run & Bike, Swim & Bike, Swim Only). Please visit the T3 Membership Options for a detailed list of program pricing.

No – all levels of athletes are welcome!  T3’s versatile program allows athletes of all levels to train together.  Workouts are structured to teach the beginner, challenge the intermediate and motivate the experienced athletes all within the same practices.  Training plans are “individualized” and designed based on each athletes’ experience and skill level.

To sign up for T3, please fill out a T3 Registration Form or contact the head coach at 512.699.6237.  Once you have signed up and registered, you will receive a confirmation email from the T3 Coaches with instructions on how to get started. Click on Join T3 for a detailed outline of the T3 Registration Process. Email T3 Coaches at info@austint3.com.

5. Can I come to a practice to try it out?

Yes!  New members are invited to train with the T3 Team for one week free.  Please email the coaches to let them know which practices you are planning to attend.  Attending T3 practice is the best way to get a feel for the team and also a great opportunity to meet the T3 Coaches and Athletes!  Make sure to fill out the T3 Waiver found on the T3 Registration Form before attending practice.

6. Can I discuss my goals with a coach?

Yes!  All T3 Athletes have unlimited access to the USAT Certified Coaches.  Before/After practice is the best time to ask quick questions about training schedules and practice logistics.  Questions about training goals and training programs can be best answered in one-on-one meetings with the coaches.  Please email the coaches to set up a meeting.  It is recommended that new members attend at least three T3 practices before scheduling a one-on-one meeting with the coaches.  This will provide athletes a chance to experience the dynamic of the T3 Team and to decide which programs they would like to participate in.

7. What are the benefits of group training?

Training with a group pushes athletes to new levels that they didn’t think were possible on their own.  Group training challenges athletes in their training goals and holds them accountable to attending practices.  Training with a team is a great way to meet other athletes in Austin and provides the social benefits such as happy hour and team meals/outings.  Support on race day from friends and teammates is another great benefit!

8. What separate T3 from the other training groups in Austin?

T3 offers the most flexible training program in town.  With over 20 practices each week (three times daily), there is always a time that will fit your schedule.  The T3 program is structures so that athletes can train together and experience the benefits of group training.  A fun team dynamic coupled with great coaches and dedicated athletes makes Austin T3 a great place to train.  T3 is the fastest growing team in Austin and provides a high level of support for all athletes at both practices and races.

9. Who are the coaches for T3?

The Coaches of T3 are Maurice Culley, Jeff Raines, Meredith Gardner, Charles Cannon, George Schmitz.  For more information on the coaches and their background, please visit the T3 Coaches.


10. Where do the T3 Athletes Train?

The T3 Athletes train at the T3 Performance Training Center (PTC).  This training facility is the only triathlon-specific training center in town.  The PTC consists of 3200 square feet dedicated to helping athletes reach their training goals and peak performance.  Classes include indoor cycling and core/strength.  T3 Swimming Practices are held at Lost Creek Country Club and Courtyard Tennis Club.  T3 Running Practices are held at both O’Henry Middle School and Zilker Park.  For more information on these facilities, please visit the Facilities.


11. What equipment do I need for T3 practices?

You will need a variety of equipment for each sport.   Below is a list of what each athlete should bring to practice.  If you do not have all the equipment needed for practice or would like product recommendations, please contact the coaches at info@austint3.com.   Please make sure that you bring the appropriate nutrition and water necessary for each practice as well.

Swimming – Bathing suit, towel, goggles, cap, fins, paddles, buoy, kick board
Indoor Cycling – Bike, bike shoes, socks, trainer*, towel, water bottles
Outdoor Cycling – Bike, bike shoes, socks, water bottles, helmet, gloves, sunglasses, tire changing kit, spare tube(s), pump
Running – Shoes, socks, cap, towel, water
Strength – Towel, water

12. What is USAT?

USA Triathlon is the official governing body of triathlon in the US.  USA Triathlon’s 110,000-strong membership is comprised of athletes of all ages, coaches, officials, parents and fans striving to strengthen multisport.  For more information visit USATriathlon.

13. What does it mean to have USAT Certified Coaches at every practice?

USAT Certified Coaches have completed rigorous training courses to receive their certification.  They are educated with the most current and innovative coaching techniques in order to help athletes achieve their training and racing goals.  USAT Certified Coaches are also up to speed with the latest injury prevention methods to help you stay healthy during your training.  You can count on USAT Certified Coaches to be knowledgeable about the sport of triathlon as well as effective training methods.

14. What are the basic triathlon distances?

The Basic Triathlon Distances are:
Sprint: 750m : 20k : 5k
Olympic: 1.5k swim : 40k bike : 10k run
Half: 1.9k : 90k : 21k
Ironman: 3.8k : 180k : 42.2k

15. Do you have any tips for beginner triathletes?

Yes!  Here are some helpful hints from the T3 Coaches to get you started:
· Don’t go out too fast – it’s a long race so conserve your energy.
· Be prepared – races are won or lost at the transition stage.
· Have fun and smile when you cross that finishing line!